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At RNCO we in house manufacture all materials, ensuring that you get a quality product. We oversee the job from start to finish and this means that we are able to keep our prices competitive.

Types of fences

  • Security Chainwire Mesh Fencing

  • Electric Security Fencing

  • Timber Construction Hoardings

  • Temporary Chainwire Fencing

  • Acoustic Fencing

  • Residential Storage Cages

  • Automated Sliding Gates

  • Tubular Fencing

  • Glass & Cable Balustrades

  • Rural & Agricultural Fencing

 - And More, Just Ask! -

Check out a few examples of our work below.


Chain Mesh fence with retaining wall, concrete slab, earth grid and all electrical conduits fully prepped ready for tower and electrical communications box.


2400mm high tubular fencing at Sunbury early learning centre.


2400mm Tubular fencing with electric security fencing and associated alarm system.


SA Water Oodnadatta chain mesh with razor rings.


Chain mesh fence at North West rail link, Sydney.


Sheep yards, Waterfall Gully, Adelaide.


We want to make an impact, but not on the environment.


At RNCO we can take care of your old materials. If materials can be re-used we make sure they get into the hands of those who need them the most, Australian bush fire victims, so they can rebuild.


If the materials cannot be repurposed and are ready for scrap, we make sure they get disposed of correctly, reducing the impact on our environment. 


Melbourne Metro Rail, retro fitting gates to all sites. Roll top mesh and razor rings.


Complete horse Arena, Marong VIC

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